El Markeys is group of cosmopolitan artists. They are associated with sound, picture and design.  El Markeys first demo three album box, Blue Planet was released 26th of June, 2014.  (Albums: The Key of Life, Mama Maa and Arabian Nights.) The second release in Japan 5th of December, 2014 in Tokyo Show. (Albums: Hyprofonia and The Key of Life remix.) Odina’s Collection has been released 21st of April 2015.  El Markeys sound and style started in Helsinki, Finland in co-operation with Japanese labels, artists and production lines.

El Markeys is found, written and produced by                                                                                     Iida-Maria Oikarinen & Ricardo Oikarinen.

Music style

El Markeys style is epictronica.

Telling a story with sounds

El Markeys brings melodies, rhythms, chord progressions and sounds in a form to serve concept and purpose. You can hum or croon only a melody.

Painting with sounds

Music style is like a view. You can photograph it and also you can paint it. El Markeys has adopted the same theory for making part of their soundtracks.

Licensed to do the sound

There is similarity between James Bond and El Markeys. Both they have got a mission. El Markeys is licensed to do this sound.

El Markeys dreams

We dream that one day we will create and produce the sound as well the smell of it. It’s not too far to be real.


The Official Voice of El Markeys.

El Mogua

The official Art Designer of El Markeys

Keika (Keiko Yoshida)

Art and design


Planet Earth. Unfortunately.


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